Tudor Arghezi” High School is proud of its tradition of over 55 years in the teaching system.

The students attending “Tudor Arghezi” High School are between 6 and 19 years old. The school is organized  on three levels: primary school, middle school or lower secondary and high school or upper secondary school. The upper secondary school has got 20 classes, five per each level of study and the students specialize in two domains:

Humane studies -with two branches: Philology (2 classes ) and Social Studies(1 class);

Science studies - with two branches : Mathematics-Computer Studies (1 class) and Science (1 class). 

Short History of the School

The school was founded on the 1st of September 1961 and at the time it was named “The Middle School No. 5”- Craiova .

In 1966 the school became a theoretical high school and its location was in Vasile Alecsandri Street, no. 97.

On the 31st of  January   1968,our school was given the name of  the great Romanian poet Tudor Arghezi.

On 1st of  September 1977,the school stopped being a theoretical school, becoming a school which prepared students to work in industry.

Since 1990 our school has become a theoretical school again.

In September 2003 “Tudor Arghezi” High School and “Titu Maiorescu” Middle School No. 11 merged and since then the school has got students from the 1st to the 12th grade and the location of the school is in Bucovina Street, No. 5, Craiova.

Material resources of the school

          No. of classes: 25;

          No. of laboratories: 4;

          No. of Computer Science laboratories: two with Internet connection;

          Gymnasiums/Sports Halls : 2

          Counselling Service for students

          School library

          Medical office


Craiova (pronounced [krajova]), the fifth largest Romanian city and capital of Dolj County, is situated near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia. It is a longstanding political center, and is located at approximately equal distances from the Southern Carpathians (north) and the Danube (south). Craiova is the chief commercial city west of Bucharest and the most important city of Oltenia.

A bit of History

Much later, a strong Dacian fortress was built, Pelendava, its name being mentioned in 255 AD on the ancient map Tabula Pentingeriana. The present name first appeared in a document dated 1475, and in 1582 documents mentioned Craiova as a town. It has had a rapid development, the town being known as “Marea Banie a Olteniei” ( Banie is a term designating the capital of a province- “The great Capital of Oltenia”)

The capital of Banie, Craiova was destroyed by an earthquake in 1790 and burnt by the Turks in 1802. An agreement signed in the city in 1940 returned S Dobruja to Bulgaria.