One of the newest and biggest school in our municipality established in 1972

It is located in the new centre in Kavadarci 600 pupils enrolled every year about sixty teachers employed in the school. It has two floors and one attached part for pupils who stay in the day care centre classrooms and the offices are on both floors and the computer lab and the library are on the second floor.

Gym hall which is separated from the building and two football and basketball fields which are next to the gym in an open air.


  • The staff includes the Headmistress

  • The Deputy

  • One secretary

  • One solicitor

  • One Economist

  • One librarian

  • One pedagogical worker and

  • One psychologist

  • 37 teachers, most of them female teachers.

  • Parents Committee consists of

  • The president and

  • A representative from every class.

  • School Board which consists of

  • One President from the teachers and

  • Two other members who are also teachers, one member-the President of the Parents Committee,

  • One member from the Municipality,

  • One member chosen from the Government,

  •  Two members from the parents of pupils and

  • One from the Municipality

Subjects taught in school

Macedonian - obligatory, English- starting in the first grade with two classes a week and when they come to the sixth grade they have three classes per week. In sixth grade they choose a second language (German or Italian).

Obligatory subjects are Mathematics, Biology, Art, Music, Sport, Geography, Civil society and they start with Chemistry and Physics in the seventh grade.

Optional subjects such as Religion, Our country and Myths and legends

Additional school activities

One hour per week is also dedicated to projects, according to the school curriculum and designed by pupils and a teacher.

Pupils may also choose to attend extra activities held after class once a week, such as the school’s choir, Drama team and Environmental team

School organization

Two levels

First for pupils who start their education at the age of six and stay with the same teacher for five years

Second level which is for pupils at  the age of 11 until 14 years old.

Two shifts

Morning shift starts at 7.30 and finishes at 12.40 and

Afternoon shift starts at one and finishes at 18.30.

The duration of all lessons, 45 minutes, with one big break 20 minutes and all the other 5 minutes.

School year starts in September and ends the first term on the 31st of December when pupils go on a winter holiday for 2 weeks.

The second term starts in the middle of January and finishes on 10th of June

From the 1st to the 10th of June there is an external testing in the school

Every pupil is tested in two subjects and at the end of the year he has two marks in these subjects, one from the teacher and one from the test

Not all subjects are tested externally, some of them such as Craft, Art, Music and Sports are tested internally.

Grades are given at the end of each semester. Pupils are back in the school on the first of September.

Teachers working hours - 20 to 25 per week

Most of the teachers have full working hours in the school. When a teacher is absent, schedule is re-adjusted the day before

Every time a pupil is absent, the parent has to come to the school and justify his absence (Digital record of penalties and absences is kept.)

2 kind of diaries in the school

one in the form of a register book and

 the same one is also written by the teachers electronically.

All books are provided to pupils for free in the first grade. In the other grades, pupils return their books at the end of the year and receive used books from the previous generation.  

School Holidays

  • 8th September - The Independence day

  • 11th October - The Macedonian uprising day

  • 23th October - The Macedonian revolution day

  • 31st December - New Year’s day

  • 6th January - Christmas day

  • 19th January - Day of the cross

  • April  or May - Friday and Monday for Easter

  • 1st May – Labor day

  • 24th May - St. Cyril and Methodius day

School Aims

  • Multilingualism:

  • English at the age of six,

  • German and Italian are second languages at the of 11

  • Computer for every pupil in the school

  • Wi-Fi in all of the classrooms



Kavadarci is a town in the Tikveš region of the Republic of Macedonia. In the heart of Macedonia’s wine country, it is home to the largest winery in southeastern Europe, named after the Tikveš plain

The Municipality of Kavadarci is in the southern part of the republic, with 1132 square-km of area. The municipality borders with Greece in the south, the municipality of Negotino in the East, the municipality of Prilep to the west, and the Municipality of Veles to the North. In the municipality, there are 55 populated places of which there is one city with four small boroughs. The city itself, Kavadarci, has an elevation of230-270 meters above sea-level. Geographically, the area of the municipality is characterized with diverse relief and nature.

Some of the bigger rivers in the municipality are: Crna Reka, Boshavica, Doshnica and Luda Mara, which also passes through the town of Kavadarci. There are two reservoirs within the municipality: The Tikves Lake - which is the largest man- made water reservoir in Macedonia and The Moklishte Lake - a small lake located in the Moclishte area. The Municipality of Kavadarci is distinctive for its specific kind of Mediterranean microclimate. The average annual temperature is 13 Celsius degrees, with maximum summer temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, and minimal winter temperature of-20 Degrees Celsius.

The average annual rainfall is 500 mm distributed throughout the year. According to the 2002 Census, the Municipality of Kavadarci has 38,391 inhabitants, and 11,848 households. This municipality has a motorway connection with other regions and municipalities via the E-75 (Skopje - Gevgelija) motorway which is situated 14 km away from the town of Kavadarci, or 11km via the regional Skopje-Veles - Prilep - Bitola motorway. The closest airports to the Municipality are the Petrovec Airport near Skopje, 90km away from Kavadarci, and the Thessalonica Airport, in the Republic of Greece, 150 km away from the town.